Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

Can a fake ID be detected by scanners

Many ID vendors advertise their fakes as “scannable” but they may not be. It is fair to ask if a fake ID can be caught by an ID scanner.

To understand the difference between how ID scanners identify and forgeries circumvent, you must understand how different ID scanners work and the types of tools that criminals use to do so.

One of the most popular tests, that is with consumers verifying their ID by having it scanned, results from the barcode or magnetic strip on the ID.

What are barcodes and how do they work

ID scanners verify an ID by reading the information on a barcode or magnetic strip and (checking to see if the data is returned in the correct format).

These features are mainly meant for ID scanning, but aren’t considered a good security feature.

Creating barcodes and magnetic strips with encoded identity information is fairly simple, with the required technologies readily available on the internet.

Although it’s possible to detect fake IDs with simple ID scanners, forgers don’t often put faulty barcodes or magnetic strips on them, so real IDs will all return as valid when scanned. The most popular online platforms are the places where counterfeit IDs from all over the world can be sold on.

The majority of ID scanners currently rely on these tests alone, most fake IDs in circulation are passed by a scanner as the real deal.

For effective detection of fake government ids, you need technology to analyze the face of the ID and identify slight differences in the more complex security features built into government-issued IDs.

By using both a comparison engine and a pixel-level processing algorithm, an ID scanner can compare fake IDs to real IDs and detect false IDs. Many other systems fall short in this comparison.

Pattern matching and some other content-matching concepts

What are the consequences of someone “faking” their ID

Because of proprietary fonts and intricate designs, official identity documents are virtually impossible to duplicate.

The complex nature of the typefaces, microtext and continuous inkblots used in an ID require a secure process to reproduce. These are not readily available to illegitimate print shops.

For more advanced fake IDs, that pass through most human controls, only a handful of pixels are used to create the mark.

Because of Patronscan’s proprietary pattern-matching technology, we can analyze 4,500 unique IDs to find the true identity of a cardholder. Pattern-matching is the most common way fake ID’s are caught by our ID scanners.

With new innovative and inexpensive technology, fake ID’s are no longer a rarity and have gotten easier to acquire. With counterfeit identity documents on the rise, businesses worldwide are losing money each year due to identity fraud.

New technologies such as overlays and holograms help ID scanners conduct a third test on a person’s identity, determining how an ID presenting from different angles under different light sources.

Understanding the technology behind holograms 

Holograms and fluorescence overlays are used as an added layer of security that can be tested with white light or placed under UV light.

As these security features are easy to check for, the modern counterfeiter will imitate these as closely as possible. Forgers either try to mimic these security features or use authentic versions from real IDs to trick these tests.

These days, an ID scan can tell you if the ID is authentic or fake. Patronscan uses custom lighting and hardware sensors to inspect identity in order to improve the accuracy of the scanner.

With sophisticated holograms and florescent overlays replicated by more fake IDs, relying purely on these tests can provide a false sense of security.

One size doesn’t fit all

Although fake IDs will still pass through ID scanners with an intermittent good signal, a strong signal could break down Fake IDs before the last security measure is set to block it. The scanning engine is the software that processes the information collected by a scan and validates an ID.

Having a reliable scanning engine takes time to build and is constantly updated. With human-level accuracy and an update schedule, the system creates algorithms that will successfully authenticate IDs in state-of-the-art counterfeit detection products.

How to use a fake ID online safely

To detect forgeries with ID scanners, you need the right set to ingredient. Comparing a scanner’s examination of the simplest details on an ID card can help secure the product from any potential forgeries.

Machine learning and deep neural networks are the most important components of verification because they can read and interpret patterns. Even some ID scanners use outdated hardware that is not as good as what an AI would be able to do, which can lead to reliability issues, false positives, and unreadable IDs.

Do you know what a fake ID scan looks like?

With Patronscan’s proprietary scanning technology, it is unlikely that the ID scanner was stolen.

Problems with fake IDs can be tough to detect, but PatronScan handles them with a time efficient AI that has you covered. Book a demo today or just visit their website and see why they are the trusted solution when it comes to verification.


Man jailed for opening bank accounts with fake IDs

Man jailed for opening bank accounts with fake IDs

A Romanian man has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for money laundering. He was caught opening accounts for criminal organizations by using fake documentation.

Radu Agapie of Artane in Dublin pleaded guilty to two counts of money laundering, two counts of fraud, and one count of able to prove an offence arising out of the sale or supply to or procuration by him or any person under his control

Agapie has been convicted in Finland 10 times for falsifying documents, forging money and laundering the proceeds of crime.

Judge Susan Greally noted Agapie had spent a short time in prison for his previous convictions in Finland a year before his offences in Ireland and then came to Ireland and engaged in “very serious and sophisticated acts of fraud.”

The court had to have regard to the fact he was playing a very vital role in a larger criminal organisation.

The judge considered that he had a cocaine addiction and was an immigrant, and that time in prison could be difficult and isolating. He noted that he was making the most of his time in custody.

Judge Greally imposed a six year sentence and suspended the final 18 month on conditions that Agapie leaves the country upon his release and not return for a period of ten years.

Garda John Carmody told the prosecutor, Grainne O’Neill BL, that the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau had been working with Interpol and other agencies in an international-wide intelligence led investigation into criminal organizations involved in money laundering and fraud.

Garda identified a number of companies which had bank accounts set up on their behalf they believed were being used for money laundering. Agapie was identified as a person of interest.

A number of addresses were uncovered where members of the organisation had bank accounts. One of the addresses found was a place of residence for members used in their banking.

A search was conducted at the Timber Mills apartment, and police recovered fake documentation and identity cards from a bedroom where they found Agapie asleep.

The Gardaí found a printer, a scanner, guillotine, and other tools used in the process of counterfeiting. They also found five fictitious identity cards with Agapie’s photograph on each one.

Agapie was not the lease holder and did not falsify the leasing.

During court proceedings, the bank statements and withdrawals from three accounts were scrutinized. Together, these transactions totaled €79,564 and €65,660. The fraudulent accounts opened face-to-face required a high level of evidence and documentation.

Police Chief Carmody agreed with Keith Spencer BL, defending, that Agapie had been calm and pleasant to deal with and had been in the custody of the police since he was apprehended on that date.

Mr Spencer argued that his client’s role was to enable and facilitate, not one of direct gain. Agapie should be shown leniency as much as possible.

He grew up in Romania, where his parents became small farmers. For example, he has worked in various locations around Europe, including in a slaughterhouse in Germany and a factory in Scotland.

Attorney Archy Agapie said that his client was “simply involved in this type of conduct” and that during the time he was committing crime, he had been addicted to cocaine. Mr. Agapie described his client as someone who wants to put a stop to offenses from deep in the past and who has used his time in custody productively.

Mr Spencer said the client did not benefit from any money deposited in these accounts, but was responsible for laundering the money. The alleged offences were committed recklessly.

He asked for the sentence to be part suspended on condition Agapie leaves the country.


Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

teenagers are using computers and the internet to generate high-quality fake ID, and even doctoring driving licenses and passports to get into pubs, a court heard on Tuesday.

In some cases, fake IDs were so good that they were almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Some nightclubs and pubs are now advised to use UV lights to detect if ID documents have been tampered with.

As teenagers become more inventive, it becomes harder to detect forged IDs. “The teens are becoming more clever and even changing the dates on passports,” Sgt. Malone said in a Circuit Court in Portlaoise.

They pretended to be a different age so that no one would realize they were, in fact, 10 years old. But this was also an easy way for the Iranian authorities to spot them and put them on trial for terrorism.

The sergeant was giving evidence in an appeal against a closure order imposed by the district court for 17-year-olds. Sgt Malone said that one of the youth’s was drinking, and had an exemption to the liquor ban.

The court heard that the teens had gotten into the premises by handing in fake ID cards to security at the door.

On December 20, Judge Kennedy issued a court order requiring the hotel to close for four days and fine the hotel $500. A man named Murphy was appealing this decision on behalf of his employer but Judge Kennedy reduced the length of closure to half-an-hour so that the pub of the hotel could not open and no drink could be dispensed on December 20 until noon.


Police warn of use of fake IDs

Police warn of use of fake IDs

According to Strabane police, there have been several instances where people have entered licensed establishments using bogus identification.

The use of a fake ID is fraud, they warn.

To fight the use of fraudulent IDs in the area, police say they are continuing to liaise with door staff and conduct inspections at licensed establishments in Derry City and Strabane.

They are admonishing that using a fake ID is fraud and that they have the authority to bring charges against anyone doing so.

Parents are urged to have a conversation with their underage children about this matter, the dangers of underage drinking, and the repercussions of using fraudulent identification to enter places that are licensed to serve alcohol.


Mum pretends to cops to be 22

Mum pretends to cops to be 22-year-old daughter, says rare medical condition aged her

Reasons not to use in front of the police, file this under.

Police asked Jennifer Crosby, 43, for her license, registration, and proof of insurance when she was stopped for having broken headlights.

So it only made sense that she provided them the 22-year-old daughter’s license. Crosby continued by telling the police officer that she had an unusual medical ailment that caused her to age quickly, sensing that the officer wasn’t totally sold.

The venerable Benjamin Button defense, I see.

Surprisingly, the officer didn’t believe her and quickly verified her identification on the system, at which point she acknowledged that her license had been suspended.

She was then taken into custody and lodged in the local jail.


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A Public Service Card is usually issued when you are allocated a PPS number. The PSC contains the following information

Name, Photograph, Signature, Expiry date, PPS number,Card number.

It also holds a magnetic stripe to enable social welfare payments such as pensions to be collected at post offices


Fake Irish residential Permit

An Irish Residence Permit is a small wallet-sized card that shows you are legally in the State through the type of immigration permission you have, represented by a stamp number. Each stamp shows what you can do while you are here, for instance study, work or invest in a business.


Fake identification is now often used by people to avoid paying for goods, registrations, and transportation. A fake ID is a wonderful bargain because of the many different ways it may be utilized, despite the fact that different types and localities have multiple categories for ID. 

The majority of people are unable to participate in several activities due to age restrictions or other factors. They are thus unable to obtain a particular type of identification card. When there is a demand for IDs, they can be made quickly with seals and number tags that blend in with authentic IDs.

The desire to sample that Irish beer is the primary motivation for an adolescent to purchase an ID. One of the most popular justifications for getting an id is if you love to enjoy the greatest cocktails and drinks as well as the nightlife at casinos and packed concerts. Most likely, you won’t be allowed access to some of the nicest restaurants in your area if you are under 21. Teenagers acquire false identification online so they can try to fool the person checking IDs at the restaurant or the bouncers at the bar instead of depriving themselves of these enjoyable entertainment chances.

Pranks Why not utilize an id website if you have a friend and want to surprise him with a novelty ID? One in ten teenagers in Ireland will scare someone off by staging a prank with their buddies. However, the definitions of “novelty” and “fake” are different. A false ID is one that a person purchases with the intention of using it to identify themselves as a particular group or institution. The novelty ID is utilized on occasion and for fun.

If they want to take their girl on a date, the majority of the kids will use a fake Irish ID. That is accurate! Because any underage male wants to appear cool while dating a lady, and if you have the option to buy your girl a drink or two, why wouldn’t you want to do so? Therefore, the statistics also support this.

Fake Ireland Ids  are often used to drive in foreign countries because there will be very little chances for authorities of that country to verify if the driving licence is legit or not

The majority of people complained about how imposters created bogus profiles in their names and used them to mislead their followers, and Facebook was frequently chastised for their abilities to thwart impersonation attempts. Facebook changed their user signup procedure verification approach in 2018. Every account holder has to authenticate their identity with Facebook using a driver’s license or state ID in order to activate their account. This boosted the market for digital fake IDs, and many people who work with phony accounts to obtain promotions and other benefits will require IDs to be validated on Facebook.

Identification as someone else is a well-known reason why people need phony identification. We frequently encounter cases when someone steal critical information from a person by posing as someone else or open a bank account using a fake license. It is categorically forbidden, and the majority of States have passed harsher legislation to hold offenders accountable. Fake identification cards with characteristics that are identical to those on real licenses are available on the market, and they are starting to arrive through internet sources like



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  1. Be reasonable. You don’t suddenly own the universe and become entitled to everything because you hold a fake ID. It’s not important to stand out in order to prevent inquiries about your identity and line of work. Try to act like a grownup if that’s how you come across.
  2. Never provide a phony ID to a law enforcement or court official. That might put you in a difficult situation.
  3. Using a false identity while claiming to be a student does not make sense. In the best case scenario, mention having a graduate degree
  4. Never attempt to open a bank account using a fake Irish ID. That’s a terrible idea that could land you in jail or a lot of trouble. Additionally, if you manage to open a bank account and attempt to secure a loan. Then the issue can be multiplied by ten because you risk facing legal consequences.

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Are fake ids illegal ireland?

These IDs are not considered illegal if used properly. For more information on how not to break the law, send us a message

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How To Buy A Fake ID In Ireland

How to obtain a fake driving license in Ireland OR Fake ID Ireland

FAKE ID IRELANDHow many of you have been to the local pub or bar with your friends, only to discover that you’re too young to get in? or need a new identity for an online verification but can’t get one. If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen again, consider getting a fake ID by buying a fake irish driving license! While this may seem like it’s a bad idea, there are actually several benefits associated with it. FAKE ID IRELAND

1. Where to get an Irish fake ID or fake Irish driving License

You can simply get a fake irish driving licence from us by contacting us and requesting for an Irish fake ID . There is some information online about how to make your own fake ID at home. The main issue with that is that it could cost you more money to produce it than just getting one from an expert.
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2. Do I really need one?

You probably don’t need a fake Irish ID if you’re over 30 or never leave your hometown. If you are an international student studying in Ireland, getting one is pretty much mandatory—you won’t be able to get into pubs, buy alcohol at shops, or make any purchases from off-licenses without one.

3. How much does it cost?

It all depends on how fast you want it, as well as where you plan to buy your fake. If you’re going to pick one up while traveling outside of Ireland, then it’s going to cost you more. For a cheap licence, send us a message and we will give you the best price. FAKE ID IRELAND

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Fake Driving Licence

First you need a good quality photo for your fake driving licence

In order for your fake driving licence to look authentic, you need a photo that meets those standards. The photograph needs to be high-quality and in focus. It should also show you at your best: a good skin tone, well-groomed hair and a pleasant smile will do wonders for tricking bouncers into believing your fake irish driving licence is authentic.Getting a fake driving licence is a sure-fire way of earning that reputation. Nothing proves your maturity and adulthood like legal documents, so if you’re in need of fake identification for any reason, you can always go for a fake driving licence. 

Just make sure that your photo is as good as it can be—no one is going to believe you have a driving licence without seeing a photo attached. This may sound silly, but your picture will determine how many people take you seriously when you say you have an Irish drivers licence . If you don’t take care of even small details, then no one will believe that those details are real either. So get yourself a professional-quality photo taken and start getting what you want!


Choose a reputable site like

Ireland does not have a national ID card. The Gardai (police) would be able to tell if you were driving a vehicle that you were not entitled to drive, but unless stopped by police, you will never know if anyone else checks. It is very important that you choose a reputable site when buying fake driving licence. There are many sites out there and most are scams. 

As stated above these licences and other documents can cost hundreds of euros but there are companies online that sell fake drivers licences at low prices. These sites take your money and give you nothing in return so it is important that you only buy from reputable sources. If a price seems too good to be true, then it probably is! Endeavor to buy from

Make sure you can remember your detailson your fake driving licence

As with your real driving licence, the details on your fake driving licence should be easy for you to remember. If you can’t, write them down in the same order on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet. This way, if the police pull you over and ask to see your driving licence, you can quickly glance at it and check that all of the details match. In Ireland, there are a number of ways to get hold of fake drivers licences and fake Irish driving licences (IDPs). 

The best options depend on what kind of license you want – as well as how much time and money you have available. However, there are some things that remain constant no matter what kind of fake drivers licence or fake Irish driving licence (IDP) you’re looking for: In Ireland there is no law against possessing a fake driver’s license; however using one when trying to buy alcohol will probably lead to trouble with store security guards. Use your fake ID only when absolutely necessary!

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How many of you have been to the local pub or bar with your friends, only to discover that you’re too young to get in? or need a new identity for an online verification but can’t get one. If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen again, consider getting a fake ID by buying a fake irish driving license! While this may seem like it’s a bad idea, there are actually several benefits associated with it.

1. Where to get an Irish fake ID or fake Irish driving License

You can simply get a fake irish driving licence from us by contacting us and requesting for an Irish fake ID . There is some information online about how to make your own fake ID at home. The main issue with that is that it could cost you more money to produce it than just getting one from an expert.
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2. Do I really need one?

You probably don’t need a fake Irish ID if you’re over 30 or never leave your hometown. If you are an international student studying in Ireland, getting one is pretty much mandatory—you won’t be able to get into pubs, buy alcohol at shops, or make any purchases from off-licenses without one. Buy Fake Irish driving license online.

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Fake Irish driving license

If you’re looking for a new identity, we can help with real fake Irish driving license that the police won’t know. They provide fast and easy access to alcohol at bars. Replicas are simple and straightforward to obtain.

We are not a scam website. This site generates driver’s licenses for you, and it employs a transparent service with which we work. We do everything possible to ensure our clients enjoy the quality that enterprise brings to the table in order to build trust in our system.

To show our commitment to you, we can provide proof of this with the photo ID dates that you send us. We are happy to answer any questions you have and will make sure you know how to get reviews from your customers as well as how you invoice us for our work. We hope this partnership works out for the best!

We are excited to announce our new Irish Drivers Permit coming in 2021. The permit is printed on a 600dpi HD card with high definition micro text and the best UV image to ensure it looks realistic! We also included some extra features with this card like metallic holographic foil and holographic printing accents.


Irish driving licence check

Everything You Need to Know About Your Irish Driving Licence check

Have you just gotten your Irish driver’s licence and need to check if it’s valid? The National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) allows you to check the validity of your Irish driver’s licence by giving you access to see exactly what it says on the back of your Irish driving licence card. The NDLS also allows you to take a photo of the back of your Irish driving licence, print it out and carry it with you, or email it to yourself so that you have it on file. IRISH DRIVING LICENCE CHECK

1. Sign into

To start your irish driving licence check, sign into with your email address and password. If you don’t have an account, click Register Now to set one up in minutes. If you do have an account but forgot your password, enter your username into a form to reset it right away. Once logged in, go to your dashboard and select Application Status & Documents in the left-hand menu.

2. Information on your driving record

Once you’ve checked your driving licence, you might want to get a bit more information on your driver’s license. To do so, you can look at your driving record, which shows any driving convictions or penalties that have occurred since your last check of your licence. If there’s anything out of place—or if there are other details on your record that interest you—you can contact MyRoadsSafety directly.

3. View details of a traffic offence

The first step in checking your driving licence is to view details of any traffic offences that have been committed since it was issued. These will be displayed on your driving licence record, which you can see by logging into and going through ‘My Offences’. All fines or penalties must be paid before you can take any action with regard to your licence; failure to do so means that you are technically guilty of an offence and may face a fine or even imprisonment.

What to do if you have an offence.

IRISH DRIVING LICENCE CHECKWe can help you in clearing off your offencences on your driving licence. All you have to so is contact us and get a quoute.