Everything You Need to Know About Your Irish Driving Licence check

Have you just gotten your Irish driver’s licence and need to check if it’s valid? The National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) allows you to check the validity of your Irish driver’s licence by giving you access to see exactly what it says on the back of your Irish driving licence card. The NDLS also allows you to take a photo of the back of your Irish driving licence, print it out and carry it with you, or email it to yourself so that you have it on file. IRISH DRIVING LICENCE CHECK

1. Sign into MyRoadSafety.ie

To start your irish driving licence check, sign into MyRoadSafety.ie with your email address and password. If you don’t have an account, click Register Now to set one up in minutes. If you do have an account but forgot your password, enter your username into a form to reset it right away. Once logged in, go to your dashboard and select Application Status & Documents in the left-hand menu.

2. Information on your driving record

Once you’ve checked your driving licence, you might want to get a bit more information on your driver’s license. To do so, you can look at your driving record, which shows any driving convictions or penalties that have occurred since your last check of your licence. If there’s anything out of place—or if there are other details on your record that interest you—you can contact MyRoadsSafety directly.

3. View details of a traffic offence

The first step in checking your driving licence is to view details of any traffic offences that have been committed since it was issued. These will be displayed on your driving licence record, which you can see by logging into MyRoadSafety.ie and going through ‘My Offences’. All fines or penalties must be paid before you can take any action with regard to your licence; failure to do so means that you are technically guilty of an offence and may face a fine or even imprisonment.

What to do if you have an offence.

IRISH DRIVING LICENCE CHECKWe can help you in clearing off your offencences on your driving licence. All you have to so is contact us and get a quoute.



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