Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

Teenagers faking IDs to get into pubs

teenagers are using computers and the internet to generate high-quality fake ID, and even doctoring driving licenses and passports to get into pubs, a court heard on Tuesday.

In some cases, fake IDs were so good that they were almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Some nightclubs and pubs are now advised to use UV lights to detect if ID documents have been tampered with.

As teenagers become more inventive, it becomes harder to detect forged IDs. “The teens are becoming more clever and even changing the dates on passports,” Sgt. Malone said in a Circuit Court in Portlaoise.

They pretended to be a different age so that no one would realize they were, in fact, 10 years old. But this was also an easy way for the Iranian authorities to spot them and put them on trial for terrorism.

The sergeant was giving evidence in an appeal against a closure order imposed by the district court for 17-year-olds. Sgt Malone said that one of the youth’s was drinking, and had an exemption to the liquor ban.

The court heard that the teens had gotten into the premises by handing in fake ID cards to security at the door.

On December 20, Judge Kennedy issued a court order requiring the hotel to close for four days and fine the hotel $500. A man named Murphy was appealing this decision on behalf of his employer but Judge Kennedy reduced the length of closure to half-an-hour so that the pub of the hotel could not open and no drink could be dispensed on December 20 until noon.


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